Lou Valliere / 5W Marketing, Because Who, What, Why, When and Where Says It All!
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Hi, my name is Lou Valliere, and this is my story so far...

How it all began...

One of five children born many moons ago into a Military family (both Mom and Dad were Marines), we moved around a lot until my pre-teen years when we settled down in NE Florida in the late 60's.

I sold Life Insurance in Georgia and Los Angeles, then changed careers to selling Advertising in a Computer magazine. From there it was a natural transition into software sales.  

I started my first company Ergo-Nomic Inc. when I designed and patented a computer ergonomic product called the KB-Pillow to hold your keyboard comfortably on your lap at the correct height and angle so you can sit back to reduce backache, shoulder strain and wrist problems.  

This led me to online marketing and I formed 5W Marketing (5W = Who, What, Why, When & Where) in 1995 to help small business owners improve their bottom line with the use of business card directories and websites. Our services have evolved with the times to include many business and personal services to solve some of the most common problems we all face today, Making Money and Saving Money. 

Along the way, I've built a few websites to showcase different aspects of 5W Marketing...

Better Best Friend Marketing: Promotes & Protects You and Your Business Better than a Best Friend Can!
This is also the primary website for our Better Best Friend brand with links to all my other Better Best Friend websites with multiple solutions for common problems for Families and Businesses.  

Our Better Best Friend Brand includes many industry specific websites as well as generics, Insurance, Real Estate, Accountants, Veterans, BabyBoomers, Parents, etc... All can be found @ Better Best Friend Marketing  

I'm looking for people that would be interested in joining me in some of my businesses, and would like to use one of my domain names to promote our joint venture.  

Send me an email or give me a call to discuss the opportunity to partner.

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Why 5W Marketing?
Because Who, What, Why, When and Where Says it ALL!

Lou Valliere
5W Marketing

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